PHP Training Topics

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PHP Syllabus:

Section1: HTML5
  • Introduction to HTML5
  • History of HTML5
  • Features of HTML5
  • List of HTML5 New Tags and Input Elements
  • List of HTML5 Attributes
Section2: CSS3 / Boostrap
  • Boostrap Introduction
  • Boostrap Grid System
  • Button Groups
  • Overview of Glyphicons
  • Bootstrap Alerts
  • Overview of Responsive Design
  • Creating a Responsive Design – Practical
Section3: JavaScript
  • JavaScript Introduction
  • History of JavaScript
  • List of Data Types
  • Form Vaidations
  • Function Declaration/Invocation Methods
  • List of Events
  • Strings and its Methods
  • Arrays and its Methods
  • Objects and its Methods
  • Overview of Loops and Conditional Statements
  • Simple Calculator using Switch case
  • Overview of Error Handling and Debugging
  • Node Traversing
  • HTML DOM Manipulation
  • Examples of Slide show, animations, accordion, etc.,
Section:4 Introduction of PHP
  • PHP Introduction
  • History of PHP
  • WAMP Server Installation
  • Overview of PHP.ini Configuration
  • PhpMyAdmin Overview
Section:5 Data types and its Methods
  • List of Data Types
  • Overview of Strings, Constants and Arrays
  • Default methods of Strings, Constants and Arrays
  • Overview of Global Variable and Super Global Variable
  • Getting Form Values in PHP
Section:6 File Handling
  • File Upload
  • File Create/Open/Read/Write
  • File Permissions
Section:7 PHP Advanced
  • Send Emails
  • Error Handling
  • Filters
  • Pagination
Section:8 MySQL
  • Database Connection Overview
  • Create/Update/Drop Database and Tables
  • Form Registration by using Insert Query
  • Login using Select Query
  • Edit Profile using Update Query
  • Delete Cart Items using Delete Update Query
  • Overview of conditions and Limits, Order by
Section:9 JSON and AJAX
  • Introduction of JSON
  • JSON Syntax
  • Why JOSN is better when compare with XML?
  • JSON Parser
  • AJAX Introduction
  • Why AJAX?
  • AJAX with PHP and MySQL
  • Live AJAX example
Section:10 Smarty
  • Introduction of Smarty
  • Why Smarty?
  • Features of Smarty
  • How to separate HTML (Presentation) and PHP (Business).
  • Custom Functions of PHP
  • Smarty Implementation in Real project.
Section:11 Live Project
During the middle of the course, We will give you a HTML template which is Designed for E-commerce (Shopping Cart) Website. And you need to start work on that project. The project has 2 phases 1.User end and 2.Admin Panel. so at the end of the course You have your own project in your hand not only Notes. I will increase your confident level.

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