PHP Training in Chennai

PHP Training in Chennai at Credo Systemz provides you the Best PHP Training.  Credo Systemz is the Best Training Institute to learn Web Development Training.  We are providing Job Oriented Training and 100% Free Placement Assistance. We are Ranked as No 1. PHP Training Institute in Velachery, Chennai according to More number of positive reviews  over the Internet.

Our PHP Trainer has more than 10+ years of Industry experience and Handled more than 100+ Web Development Projects. As a result, you will be get Real time PHP Training from the expert. Your training session starts from the Basic HTML to Advanced Concepts in PHP. Before providing you the Best PHP Training, Lets take a glance about PHP and Our Training Specialty.

What is Web Development ?

Web development is the process of coding or programming which enables website functionality, per the application requirements. Web development mainly deals with the non-design parts of the websites, which includes programming.

Web development ranges from creating basic web pages to complex Web-based applications like social network applications, Video portal and Search engines, etc., .

The Web development Process hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Client Side Coding: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT
  2. Server Side Coding: PHP, AJAX
  3. Database: SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.,

What is PHP?

In earlier PHP named for Personal Home Page but it now stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Its a open source and Object oriented language which is widely used for web development and embedded with HTML. PHP is very easy to learn for those who don’t have computer background.

PHP is used by 82.5% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know.

What are the Popular sites using PHP ?


Why PHP ?

PHP is great option for web applications. Here are some reasons for why PHP is right choice for web applications.

  1. Open Source Software
  2. Fast Loading Time
  3. Less Expensive Hosting
  4. Database Flexibility

Features of PHP ?

  1. No need to specify data type
  2. Provides cross platform compatibility
  3. It has set of predefined inbuilt variables called superglobals
  4. Platform Independent
  5. Flexibility, Familiarity and Security